The Marketing Specialists at Baldy Dog Search Strategies have been providing Search Marketing services since the 1990’s – long before many of their competitors entered the Search Arena. Because of their long-standing history in Search Marketing they have been able to track the changes in Search and know what to look for when future changes are apparent.

Baldy Dog is headquartered in the North Eastern US, but serves the world. Members of the Baldy Dog team are located throughout the country and the world. Each member of the Baldy Dog team has been chosen for their particular area of expertise within Search Marketing.

Although Baldy Dog does work directly with the end-user or site owner, the primary function of Baldy Dog is providing private label Search Marketing Services for Interactive Agencies that do not have a Search Marketing Department on staff. We offer agencies of all sizes discounted Search Marketing Services and act as part of their team. We interact with their clients if deemed appropriate and necessary. We interact as part of their team, bringing a seamless integration and superior level of expertise to be passed on to their customer.

We can train your sales staff on the best techniques to sell Search Marketing services to your existing or new clients. We can provide everything from site assessments, strategies, reporting and more – all branded for your company. We can train your existing staff on how to provide Search Marketing services in-house. We will be there, behind the scenes providing mentoring and training until your staff is ready and able to handle it alone. And we can remain in the background, consulting and coaching for as long as necessary.

Due to the nature of Search Marketing, we don’t offer cookie-cutter SEO packages, but we provide custom strategies for all clients and potential clients. We can adjust our strategy to fit almost any budget – whether large or small we can bring you or your client success in the search engines. And that’s what it’s all about – success.  If you’re not successful – we’re not successful.

Written by the Social Media Director 

Client Testimonial
"The Internet marketing services of Baldy Dog have been the best investment a business could make. Last year 90% of the new referrals came through our websites. As a result, we increased our revenue, and were able to increase the size of our company, while many other companies saw decreases. In addition to increased revenue, I like the fact that the people behind Baldy Dog are always eager to meet my needs, and take my suggestions into account. As a person who is only familiar with the very basics of the Internet, the services of Baldy Dog have put us online and served to give us a professional reputation both on and offline. If your company is looking to do more than have a website that can be found for more than its name, Baldy Dog is the company you should use." - John Mills
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