Bauman’s Apple Butter, is a family owned and run business that started in 1892. Apple Butter is what Bauman’s is known for, but they produce and sell many other delicious products. Check out their product page to find out what products they have available.

Bauman's Apple Butter

Bauman’s Apple Butter Image from Phoebes Pure Food blog


To tell the truth, I have driven by Bauman’s on the average of 1x per week for almost 10 years now. The other day, was the first time I have stopped in to the store.

Their products are available in many stores, online, and by stopping in at the Sassmansville store.

Online Marketing Tips for Bauman’s Apple Butter

This post is not a testimonial or review of the products they sell, (they are delicious though), but a brief assessment of their online marketing and website.

  • Site
  • Domain age 15.5 years – almost a year older than Musselmans, the brand that shows up first in Google for “apple butter manufacturer”.
  • Mobile compliant – the site is not mobile friendly.
  • Titles of pages – The titles are not optimized. “The Bauman Family” is at the beginning of each title tag.
  • Looking at the Bauman’s site using the Waybackmachine, it looks much like it did when the site was first made.
    Bauman's Store

    Bauman’s Sassmansville Store

Social Media and Bauman’s

  • Add a social media section to the sidebar and have icons to various social media profiles to include Facebook, Google+,Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Engage with people on Social Media to help share their story.
  • Bauman’s Fanpage – They do have a Fanpage, but it has not been updated since the beginning of June. I have seen worse, at least it has been updated this year.
  • Merge additional Fanpage (
  • Add social media bookmarks to make sharing of images, pages, and products easier for site visitors.
  • Add some Youtube videos to the site. I love the tour, maybe do a video tour.

When I visited the store, it was a September Wednesday morning, which is the middle of the apple season. People were coming in and out of the small little store continually. I can imagine on weekends their must be a line out the door. For a Wednesday they seemed to have plenty of business.

Bauman’s Online Presence

When I search for apple butter Boyertown PA, the Bauman Family site comes right up. When I search for just apple butter or apple butter manufacturer, it does not. However, a very positive Yelp listing does come up at the bottom of the first page for “apple butter manufacturer”.

Local Listings on sites like Yelp, Superpages, Yellowpages etc – Using, Bauman’s got a 68%, which is actually pretty good. Name variation that come up include Bauman Family Apple Buter (Butter misspelled in listings)(should correct this), Bauman’s Apple Butter, and
Bauman Family.

  • Listings should be edited for consistency and correctness of information.

So what does all this mean for Bauman’s?

The website is very old and is in need of updating. I would suggest rebuilding the site using a mobile friendly WordPress theme. Being the domain is so old, due to authority of the domain, if redone properly, the site would do really well in the search engines.

Does Bauman’s Apple Butter need a new website?

Depending upon the goals of the family business, I believe a new site would help to tell the rich story of  Bauman’s Apple Butter and build the Bauman Family brand. To be competitive, a new website is needed.

The current site is not mobile friendly. With the ever increasing number of searches being done on mobile devices, the site is more than likely preventing people who are looking for them or their products on a mobile device,  from getting the information about the Bauman brand.

Visit Bauman’s

Bauman’s Apple Butter Sassmansville store is opened from 8am-8pm M-F and 8am-5pm Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

Address: 118 Hoffmansville Rd, Sassamansville, PA 19472
Phone: (610) 754-7251




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