Thanks to the makers of the smart and busy website called LinkedIn, entrepreneurs, corporate owners and ambitious executives can now share the same platform for building new contacts which can further fetch them business and help in gaining a competitive advantage for their respective business activities. Corporates and businessmen have found that this is also turning into and cool place for advertising your business activities as well. However, not many people are actually aware of this happening around them and this is why they are not taking it seriously enough. Here is a look at the best and little-known advertising methods for LinkedIn members.

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Small Budget Advertising

For those, who are new to the whole field of advertising on LinkedIn, it could be better to start with small-budget advertising. This means that you may start with a small budget for advertising like around $10 to $15. The benefit of such a modest beginning is that you can save yourself from the usual risks which take place in such a situation. Also, it will teach you how to do the best of advertising at a low cost. Therefore, unless your campaign is being managed by a ppc agency, small budget decisions at the start will prove to be very effective and will have lasting impact for a long time in the future.

Short Time Campaign

Other than small budget campaigns, it would also be highly advisable to use campaigns of a shorter duration. This is because if you simply opt for paid advertising methods for a week’s period, it can turn out to be actually quite profitable. It would be better to use a number of shorter campaigns instead of choosing a single heavy duration advertising campaign. So, it is better to keep switching and rotating different advertising campaigns that will produce better results from time to time. So, the short time ad campaigns prove to be really profitable in the long-run.

Targeted Market Research and SEO

It is very important that you do some targeted market research about the audience of customers. One should ideally conduct the target market research when they are about to launch new products and services. One should also conduct SEO which will help to optimize and modify the content of the websites. Your website should be constantly updated with the latest data updates and product offers that will make it way more attractive for your customers and buyers. So, target marketing and SEO are very important.

Giveaways and Freebies

It is important that you advertise your business with giveaways and freebies. These are quite important as the freebies will bring in even more customers. You should do this from time to time. From time to time, you should make sure you provide your customers with some free gifts and giveaways. If you do so, you will be able to grab a lot more customers than possible. Therefore, you should do your best to win the customer attention with such a valuable advertising strategy up your sleeves which again can all be done via LinkedIn.

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