Local SEO News

First off, on Monday we learned that Google Map Maker is now open for editing in six countries. I applied to become an editor in my area.

6 Local SEO Stats Every Online Marketer Needs To Know 2 nuggets from this article(many more are in it)

  • Business Address/Location is the primary reason for searching on mobile..makes sense. So make sure your mobile site/mobile listings have your address, phone number and accurate hours.
  • 88% of viewers trust online reviews as much as personal referrals. So not only do reviews help you in the local serps, ( search engine result pages) but they can also have a dramatic affect on the buying decisions..I would say negative reviews would have a greater negative impact.
  • 50% of mobile visitors will visit a the store within 1 day.




Google News

Not really SEO news, but more like news about Google. Google has created, Alphabet,  a new parent company that will be over Google and will encompass an entire portfolio of business’s.

Here is a post that attempts to see what will happen to Google advertisers post Alphabet.


Mobile Search News

Columnist Nathan Safran takes a look at where Google is heading – several keypoints.

  • Increase of Micro-moments – shorter bursts of use rather than prolonged use
  • Making direct purchases on Google instead of destination sites.

An article from 2013 Keys to Local/Mobile Search Strategy, has some good tips that I agree with 100% that include:

  • Having a Mobile friendly site/mobile optimized site.
  • Using Local SEO
  • Local PPC

Online Marketing Video of the Week

I still don’t like Rand’s hair cut, but for a guy with so much hair, he has some really wise info in his Whiteboard video for this week which covers “Brand Fatigue” . I have seen this on a number of my clients sites. What about you?

One last Video.

Non SEO Dog Video of the Week

This video has been around for a while, but its still good.


Have a great weekend.

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