To try and get by in the world of online business today without SEO is a little like trying to swim while wearing lead boots – it just isn’t going to happen. SEO has become the single most important and potentially rewarding marketing tool on the face of the Earth and so too therefore are the skills of the competent professional SEO service provider.

However, not all are cut from the same cloth and from dangerous short cuts to temporary quick-fixes and right through to investments for zero returns, choosing a provider isn’t as black and white as some would expect. So, in this era of post Penguin and Panda complexity where SEO has become the most demanding and sometimes fickle mistress of all, here are a few questions you simply must ask before signing on the dotted line and taking on an SEO service provider:

How Have the Recent Updates to Google’s Algorithms Affected Your Strategies?

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Not that you’re trying to test them on the specifics, but you really need to know that they understand and have compensated for the most recent Google Penguin and Panda updates and thus know what they are dealing with. They should in an instant be willing to tell you about the updates and how they have affected SEO, meaning that any response along the lines of “What do you mean?” or “Which ones specifically?” should not be considered acceptable.

How Do You Look Into Penalisation?

Everyone makes mistakes and from time to time even the best SEO providers might find themselves on the receiving end of Google. However, seeing where something has gone awry can in fact breed some serious positives as the identification and ultimate compensation for any penalisation can make an SEO strategy and thus the business stronger than ever before. As such, establish not only that they know how to look into and identify the causes of penalties, but also that they’re willing to admit they’re anything but 100% immune to Google’s attacks. Nobody is.

What’s the Background of you Content Writing Team?

To overlook the importance of content is to welcome disaster – now more than ever. Exquisite, relevant and engaging content is the lifeblood of all SEO campaigns and can determine the fate of the businesses behind them. As such, what you must demand is an experienced and dedicated team of in-house writers that are able to serve as an elite authority on the niche in question – not those that favour outsourcing to part-time writers that speak English as their second language. The evolution of Panda and Penguin has rendered anything other than flawless content entirely unforgivable.

How Do You Use Social Media Optimisation?

Capitalising on social media doesn’t mean just setting up a Facebook page…not anymore. Instead successful social media optimisation is all about the building of important relationships and developing an authority in the given niche. As such, the SEO service provider should be adept and proven in areas such as social media friendly content production, exposure, promotion and the conversion of a social media audience into genuine customers.

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  2. johncruzer

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