I was working on the local SEO(Search Engine Optimizations) for a local restaurant(The Bears Den of Boyertown) and did a search for “Restaurants Boyertown Pa” and noticed that the restaurant that came up first, was another one of my favorites. The restaurant that is in first place, does have an online Menu link showing on its Google map listing. It also has quite a few more reviews than the Bears Den, but that is another factor I will deal with in another post. This post is going to primarily deal with Online Menu Options for Restaurants.

Bears Den Head Image

Unlike the restaurant in my last Restaurant Local SEO post,The Bears Den does have a menu online. Although, it does need a little work.

Online Menu Options

Online Third Party Menu Sites

Google will show a link to your menu if you use sites like Viewmenu.com or AllMenus.com. Google will then pull the restaurant menu from those sites. So restaurants should be sure to claim their listings on these sites, and make sure an updated menu is uploaded. Keep track somewhere( I suggest using creating a Google Doc in drive) where you have all the urls and passwords of online listings and menus for future updates.

Upload a Fanpage Menu

Many single location restaurants don’t have their own website, but use a Fanpage as their main website. Having just a Fanpage, the owners need to be sure to upload a pdf or Word doc Menu to Facebook in the appropriate location. You can also link out from your Fanpage to external menus like AllMenus.com.

Create a Site for Your Restaurant – Restaurant Menu Pages

I would suggest that a restaurant always create a . In today’s market, you can register a domain for around $20, host for under $10/mo, and then build the site using a free platform like WordPress or Wix.

Make sure when you create your menu you name the file menu (http://www.thebearsdencafe.com/menu.html). The owner set this page up correctly, but still needs to finish the menu.

Be sure to inlcude the word Menu in the H1 tag and title. Also be sure to utilize the Schema.org markeup for restaurants to include using the correct markup for the restaurant address on the home page.

In review you should:

  • used “menu” in the page file name
  • Use “Menu” in the H1 tag and Title tag
  • Use Schema.org markeup for restaurants.
  • Keep your menu updated.

When you do your Menu page, be sure to include images of your food( at least your specialties).


Got any questions for me that I did not cover about Online Menus?


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