The last two local SEO(Search Engine Optimization) posts were about restaurants. This one is going to be for a local health club, Serenity Junction. I have done a few other health clubs, so I am not a stranger to SEO for Health Clubs.

Serenity Junction Health Club Header

First off I have to say, I love Serenity Junction more than any other health club I have been to. One of the primary services of Serenity Junction is the vibration therapy or vibration exercise. If you have never tried vibration therapy, you should check out Serenity Junction.  The first time I tried it was when I was recouping from a back injury I believe.

Anyway, I told Shannon, the owner, that I would do a local SEO post where I evaluated her business/site, so here goes.

10 Item Site Assessment for Serenity Fitness & Wellness is currently 5 years and 5 months old, and was recently redesigned using WordPress.

  1. Change the url structure to custom names so that keywords can be used.
    • Use 301 redirects for the old urls to the new urls. Should have done this when the site was redesigned, but it might have been too long ago to worry about that now.
    • Monitor the site using Google’s Webmaster tools to identify any pages that may be lingering that need redirects.
  2. Use Keyword Rich Title Tags for each page – Serenity Fitness and Wellness the current title of the site does not need to be in every page title.
  3. Use a Favicon – Nothing to do with SEO, but I like to use favicons. Favicons are the tiny picture that comes up in the address bar. Yours currently is a white piece of paper. The G next to it in the picture below is Googles current Favicon. The Favicon Image is either 16 X 16 pixels or 32 x 32 pixels.  favicons
  4. Consistency Across the Web – There is a lot of inconsistency across the web with the name. It is currently listed on the site as “Serenity Fitness & Wellness”. I know it as “Serenity Junction”, yet it is listed else where as “Serenity Junction Wellness Center”. I highly suggest that listings across the web are edited and made all the same. These types of variations may have been acceptable to use in the past, but Google and other Search Engines favor brands, so these uses of different names are diluting the strength of the name.
  5. Social Media Integration – I know I am a fan of the Serenity Junction Fanpage, but the link is nowhere to be found. Add social media icons to all of your profiles above the fold, ideally above your site navigation.
    • If you use the Yoast SEO Pluggin, this will make integrating very easy.
    • Add Facebook Open Graph Code to your meta data.
    • Sharing icons are on every page and the Twitter Share button includes @Serenityjunct
  6. Site Load Time – Using the Site Load tool from the site took 60 seconds to fully load. Way to slow. Should look into increasing the speed with caching pluggins and possibly reducing the code on the home page. Some pluggins maybe slowing the load time down. Have your developer look at the tool and determine what can be done.
  7. Address and Phone number in footer – You do have the address and phone number in your header image, but you should add the text to the footer. Search engines can not read text in images.
    • Use the Micro Format Generator to get the mark up code, this will tell Google that this is the address, phone, etc.
  8. The main category Google lists for you is “Massage Therapist”, I would make better use of the categories and change the primary category.
  9. All phone numbers need to be clickable, so when someone views your site on a mobile phone they can click the phone number.
  10. Make sure all images have both title and alt tags. I use the same words for both.

These ten items are just a few of the suggestions that Baldy Dog Search Stategies has for the site. Shannon, like most other business owners only has so much time in the day.

Shannon, gets kudos for her local SEO efforts up until now. She was very diligent at editing her citations using Moz Local. The site is full of content, and has lots of promise.

If you would like a site assessment like we did for Serenity Junction, please feel free to contact us via our contact form, or stop in to our office during work hours to chat with us.





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