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Social Media Optimization – SMO

With the ever increasing popularity of social media sites, and the growing importance that Google and the other search engines have placed upon websites social media footprint, social media use for business’s marketing has become a necessity for successful online marketing. Truly, if a business that was once an authority online wants to retain their authority, then they need to have an actively engaged social media presence.

The Social web is immense and rapidly getting larger every day. It can be overwhelming to those not involved in Social Media. From blogging to Twitter, Facebook Business Fanpages, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube – you can literally get caught in the Social web for hours on end.

When we start an SMO(Social Media Optimizatin) campaign we first determine the goals and the number of hours available to devote to the campaign. An SMO campaign differs greatly from a traditional search campaign as it requires continual daily activity to reap the benefits. A loyal brand following can be built in a few weeks, but can be lost even quicker if it’s not active.

We, at Baldy Dog know and use Social Media and we can help your company build your social media presence with confidence and will help you build a community that loves to follow your brand.

We have packages that are for organizations that are just beginning, who have a very limited Social Media presence to full blown Social Media campaigns for organizations that want to use Social Media as a full blown advertising medium.

Our Lead Social Media Coach

Adam our lead social media coach, loves coaching business owners with their Social Media. Adam or one of our other Social Media coaches, can teach you or a representative of your organization how to: Adam Donkus Google+ Profile

  • use social media to monitor your brand.
  • interact with your customers on various social media channels.
  • increase your online authority.
  • determine what social media channels your brand should use.
  • evaluate your current social media use.
  • set up a social media schedule.
  • create or help you create your various social media profiles.
  • brainstorm social media campaigns

Contact Adam to schedule a free Social media consultation or check out our social Media blog posts for suggestions on your social media marketing.

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Contact us for more information about Social Media Optimization via email at – smo@baldydog.com or better yet give us a call!.

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