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In today’s small business marketing, social media is king and Facebook is the crown and throne. More and more big businesses are promoting their Facebook pages, and many are only promoting their Fanpages and not their websites at all. In some instances, businesses are forgoing a website, and opting to only have a Fanpage.

Today, not having a well-designed Facebook page that is kept up to date is like not having a website: it’s like your business doesn’t even exist online. But what Facebook offers is like an old stock Volkswagen Bug: just a cover image, the profile picture, your timeline, and photos, plus a few other features. It’s actually pretty blah. Your fan page is just one amongst thousands in your area. But what if you could have a custom Fanpage that could fully display your branding, and offer your potential customer all sorts of interactivity and incentives to like your page?

That’s what Baldy Dog Search Marketing is offering you. We’re now introducing custom Facebook business fan pages. These act as a mini-websites built right into Facebook’s interface. You decide the number of pages, or “tabs,” your business needs and the functions built into them. Express your company’s vision and uniqueness and catch your customers’ attention.

Alternative Fanpage Options:

  • Embedded video and music
  • Contact boxes
  • Options for contests and promotions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Google Maps integration,
  • menus for restaurants,
  • even embed your Twitter and blog streams right in your page!
  • Custom Tabs
  • Contest Widgets

What can be done with a business Fanpage?

If you would like, we can help you to offer unique content (coupons, special video, white papers and eBooks) to users of your page when they become fans through fan-gating, a powerful way to entice Facebook users to “like” your page.

Please contact us to discuss your customized business Fanpage.

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