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Search Engine Optimization – Monthly Web Site Monitoring

Once the research is complete and the pages of the Web site have been optimized we will monitor your position in the search engines. This service can be extended for as long as you like. The Search Engines are always changing their methods of ranking web sites; new competitors are always entering the Market place; it is important to monitor your web site on a regular basis to ensure you maintain the best rankings.

To keep your Web site fresh and maintain the high rankings you’ve received after optimization we recommend continually monitoring the Search Engine rankings. During the monitoring we check the search engine position, research to see if your keywords that the site has been optimized for are still relevant and make necessary changes to improve rankings when necessary. With access to your web logs we can see how much traffic is coming to your site from the search engines, what keywords they are using to get to your site and the paths that they take once they get into your site.

Our Search Engine Monitoring and Analysis Service includes:

  • Rankings in the top search engine for a designated amount of keywords/phrases that the web site has been optimized for.
  • Web log analysis to determine increase in traffic; where the traffic is coming from and the quality of the traffic.
  • Recommendations or action items for improvement when necessary.

Our SEO reporting service is included in Full Optimization Plans, but can be purchased as a stand-alone service.

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