Authority and Traffic Building Campaign Service

Many search engines determine the rankings of web sites, not only by the amount of relevant content and other optimized elements of the site, but they analyze the number of quality inbound links. These are links from other Web sites to your Web site. If your site has a link from a well-respected, compatible site, the search engine will view your site as important. Link building campaigns can also provide highly targeted traffic to your Web site.

Some companies offer this service but they may use automated programs. These programs don’t work and often they will have links to your site on link farms or bad linking “neighborhoods”. Links from these types of sites can hurt your rankings or even get you banned from some search engines.

We spend a significant amount of time learning about your business and your markets in order to obtain links from sites that are complimentary and not potential competition. So the incoming links that we provide will be high quality.

Our Authority and Traffic Building Campaign Service includes:

  • Request a list of known companies, organization and suppliers for possible links.
  • Compile a list of sites that are complimentary but not competititors of your web site – making sure that the perspective site has a links or resources page.
  • Check the link popularity of the competitor’s site and find out who are linking to them.
  • Search the sites of the people who have linked to you for other possible link partners.
  • Monitor the links we obtain to your web site.
  • Increase and monitor social signals.
  • Monthly report of status, with actions steps for both Baldydog and the client.

Our Authority and Traffic Building Campaign Service can be used alone, but is highly recommended to be used in conjunction with our on-page optimization services. Increasing the link popularity of your Web site while increasing your brands social media signals, will usually increase your rankings in the search engines – but if your site is not optimized for targeted keywords the search engine spiders will not know what to rank your site for.

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