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A BaldyDog SEO consultation begins with a discussion to determine detailed information on choosing the best keywords for your site. With you the SEO client, we determine your marketing goals, gain knowledge about your business products and services. We conduct a survey to learn your competitive market structure, keywords, and the relationship of website to the company’s marketing strategy.

The SEO consultation does not only have a purpose of collecting general information regarding Search Engine Optimization, Search Engines, Directories, etc, – but also involves specific information about your Web site and how to best optimize your site. We use this time to gather information to determine the best keyword/phrases for your site, creating effective Meta tags, and keyword rich copy. We can provide a basic Web site analysis during this consultation that will determine where your site is currently ranking in the Search Engines.

The more knowledge we have about your business and marketing goals – the better search engine strategy we can build for your site.

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Baldy Dog Search Strategies has been providing Philadelphia SEO Consultations for years. Clients range in size from Mom and Pops to fortune 500 companies. Contact Us to get your Free initial SEO Consultation today!

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