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Social Media Integration of a website, regardless if it is a blog or a basic html site is essential, and it is not necessarily difficult.

What is essential for Social Media Integration?

  • Establish an onsite Social Media Hub – I always encourage  website owners if they don’t have an onsite blog,  to install an onsite blog to act as their social media hub. It makes it so easy to push out content to the various social media profiles.
  • Social Media Profile Icons – The icons for all of your primary social media profiles need to be on every page, and I kind of like it if they are placed at both the top and bottom of the page. I always recommend adding a “connect with us” section at the very least.
  • Social Media Sharing bookmarklets(little social media buttons at top of our post)  need to be on every page, and if you have an eCommerce site, they need to be on every product page so visitors can share with their friends the products they like so their friends can buy the stuff for as birthday presents, or they can just share your website.
  • Take advantage of Google Author Rank -Integrate with Google+ author profiles to take advantage of author rank. Google’s author rank is a feature every website owner needs to take advantage. The basics premise of Author Rank is, if you do a search and you see a little picture next to a result, that is the result of the website owner taking advantage of author rank. Results that have a picture next to them are reported to have a higher than average click through rate, and often times the author rank also helps with over all rankings.  For more on AuthorRank Check out the CopyBlogger AuthorRank Cheat Sheet post. A future post on author rank is forthcoming, so sign up for our feed or email updates.

If you are using WordPress, it can be as easy as adding several pluggins, installing them, and editing the settings of each pluggin as needed.

WordPress Pluggins for Social Media Integration

  • Pluggins include:
    • SEO Pluggins– As an organic SEO guy, I always suggest using best SEO practices to insure you are getting the most traffic..SEO works in tandem with Social Media.
    •   The first pluggin I recommend is Yoast SEO pluggin. Not only is this a great pluggin for optimizing your blog for SEO, but it also has some other options which allow you to edit the way your posts appear in Facebook and Google+.
    • The other SEO Pluggin that I use if Yoast does not work is All In One SEO Pack..just incase you were looking for an alternative to Yoast.

  • Social Media Icon widget pluggins
  • Social Media Bookmarks –
    • SexyBookmarks by Shareaholic – I just like the look of it, and it has a somewhat customizable call to action such as “share the knowledge”
  • Google+ Authorship – There are multiple of these and I have tried a few, and a few have actually taken down my site, and I had to then remove or uninstall through the cpanel. They are out there, so give em a try Here is the link to the Google+ Author Link pluggin I am using on this blog. If the author does not give a Google+ profile the author link goes to the blog home page.

Why the sad face? Its for you who are not using a Conten Management System( CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla.

If you have a basic html site, it will be a little more difficult, but it can still be done.

Sad face

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  • For the Bookmarks, check out Sharethis tools for html sites.
  • For adding your icons, I would manually code in your profiles into a section called “Connect with Us” or the like, and keep it above the fold.
  • Add Google+ author link to the footer of every page, and create an author page that is listed on the contributor section of your Google+ profile.
  • I would also suggest adding Facebook OG code to your meta data.



This is just a few basic tips to integrating your site with Social Media. Depending upon your niche, you might want to optimize for many different social media sites, not just the big common ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Consider your target audience, and were they play online. For instance, interior designers would probably do well to use the site Houzz, a social media site for those into home improvement and interior design. Secondary tier social media is very important, and usually the traffic is highly targeted.

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  1. Your content is very important. Seo is doing but its small very important points are i dont know. Thanks toshare. Im interested to read your next articles.

  2. sanjasharma

    I used some accounts like facebook twitter linked in , pintrest,, and stubleupon. All account are gettingbest result to site. It help to got daily traffic on site.

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