Use Twitter Lists for Local Marketing

Ever want to use Twitter for local marketing or to make connections with local customers. In this video, I use Twitter lists for local marketing for a company that is in the restaurant service niche, that is they provide the services such as the cleaning of grease traps for restaurants. A friend of mine who owns a restaurant tells me that cleaning the grease trap is the worst job.

So the Client, Termac wanted to increase their followers. I on the other hand wanted to find them not only more followers, but I wanted to get them some potential leads.

Who are your potential customers?

Who are the potential customers Tarmac? Restaurants. So I used Google to find lists of top restaurants in their geographic target markets,and proceeded to follow the restaurants and add them to the lists. Additionally, I tried to retweet recent tweets of the restaurants, and made comments like ” oh that looks so delicious” .

A few of the lists that were created include:

Once you have a curated a list of potential leads, revisit the list regularly, and take 15 minutes a day to look at the recent tweets of your lists and to retweet and comment on a few of the recent posts. Include related hashtags in your tweets. #Philadelphia #Phillyfood etc..

So you have a list now what?

  • RT(Retweet) their recent tweets, and comment on them.
  • Ask them questions.
  • Listen to what they say and respond. If a restaurant says “what do you think of our cheese steak?”, respond by saying it looks delicious or something.
  • The idea is to get a conversation in 140 characters going.
  • Twitter marketing, like other social media channels,  is not about selling, but is about building relationships.

Got any questions or suggestions to add/ask?

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