Pay Per Click Management

BaldyDog uses Facebook, Linkedin and Google Pay-per-Click programs for our Lead generation services. Each of the these PPC programs may or may not be right for your advertising needs.

Google Adwords allows you to choose keywords for ads that appear near the “natural” results in Google and Google’s partner sites. Google Adwords listings on the Google search results pages can be seen at top of a search results page and to the right of the natural or organic results; order is determined by both the bid price and also the click-through rate.

Facebook paid listings have proven to be very effective for some markets. Many clients like being able to highly target the demographics of their target audience that Facebook advertising allows.

Linkedin offers advertising options that are catered more to a professional audience, as Linkedin is the Social Network where professionals go to connect with other professionals, it has proven to be an effective marketing tool for BtoB types of websites.

BaldyDog believes that “natural” search engine optimization is the best, but realizes that there are some advantages of pay-per-click campaigns. Keyword buying offers immediate results in search engines and is an effective way to promote new and seasonal products and to gain visibility when there are limitations in the Web site content, architecture and technology. These advantages come at a cost, but as your “free” search engine visibility increases, your dependence on keyword buying should decrease.

Keyword research is just as important to PPC marketing, as with natural search engine optimization. Buying keywords for which nobody is searching will produce no results. Also, keywords that are too broad will not bring targeted searchers. Management of pay-per-click plans is vital. Weekly, even daily, monitoring of budget, performance and tracking user activity is essential to a successful pay-per-click campaign.

Included in our Pay-Per-Click Services

  • Research to determine the best available keywords at the best price
  • Budget determination for the program
  • Program preparation in Facebook, Linkedin, Google and/or a combination of all three ppc services.
  • Write ad text to encourage desired action
  • Account monitoring
  • Monthly PPC campaign reports

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