Baldy Dog Search Strategies provides a detailed analysis and report of your web site in terms of search engine compatibility – search engine friendliness, meta tags, link popularity, and more.

This web site evaluation will include many of the trouble spots that may be keeping your site from gaining high rankings in the search engines – such as problems with the site architecture, navigation issues and dynamic web sites.

Our Web Site Assessment Report Includes:

Analysis of existing website’s content, design, keywords/keyphrases, tags, and link popularity to determine what’s currently right and wrong;

Specific recommendations to improve rankings in the search engines. These recommendations will include: content, keywords/keyphrases, tags, link building, and search engine submission – we will also look into the possibilities for a Pay-Per-Click campaign. Additionaly, we will also look at the state of your brands social media presence.

Report on keywords that are currently on the site – up to 10 keywords. What the possibilities are for these terms in regards to position, competition, etc.

Trouble spots that are keeping your web site from gaining high rankings.

What can be done to the structure of the site to help facilitate high rankings in the search engines.

Pages on the current site that are best suited for Optimization or recommendations for additional pages.

Research the best possible keywords for the site. Analyze the resulting keywords and phrases for performance and determine how many other sites are competing for high rankings with the same terms.

Provide a list of search terms especially tailored for your site.

Current ranking of your web site based on the list of keywords we’ve tailored to your site.

Proposal detailing what it would cost to have us implement the recommended changes.

Our Assessment and analysis service is an extremely important step in the optimization process and it can be a stand-alone service for those who would like to do-it-themselves. This service includes a detailed report and 1 hour phone or email consultation to answer any of your questions.

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