Perk Valley Pet Eatery is much more than just a pet store, its a place you can actually take your dog get food that meets his or her dietary needs. I was in a few years ago and the owner, Gordon educated me on the ingredients in pet food.
At the time, we had our very gassy Dog Sugar(painting below), and Gordon advised me on what to look for in ingredients of different dog foods, that would reduce her gas. At no time did Gordon try to sell me any dog food, but was strictly informative.

Canonized Dog

Saint Sugar

If you find yourself in the Trappe Pa area and you have pets who either need to loose weight or have some other dietary needs, I suggest you stop in and talk to Gordon and one of his super helpful staff.

Like many brick and mortar merchants, they are always doing different things to bring in foot traffic. Local SEO is definitely a method to help increase foot traffic for mom and pop business’s like Gordon and Sue’s.

Online Marketing/Site Assessment
Age:4 yrs and 8 mo.
Mobile Compliance: It passes the Google Mobile Friendly Test. It does have a mobile version of the site, the site is not responsive.

General Impressions:

The site is very clean looking, it has both sidebar and bottom navigation links, but does not utilize cookie crumb navigation.

The site was redesigned some time around 2012 (at least that was the last time the Copyright was updated).

One of the most important elements of SEO, the title tags are not optimized on most of the pages.

Images are also not optimized. Currently, if alt tags are used, include the url of the image file.

Social media links are seen at about the fold on the home page, but the only social media link seen on every page is the Facebook link which is in the sidebar.

Perk Valley has a very good social media presence that seems to get updated pretty regularly. shows up very well in the local rankings. Sample rankings are below.

Keyword local Google organic search
pet store collegeville pa 1 2
pet store limerick pa 2 11
pet food limerick pa na 6
pet store Royersford pa 3 6
pet store schewenksville pa 3 5

Social Media Suggestions

  1. Add social media icons linked to the company profiles on the site just below the header image, and should appear on every page.
  2. Add social media bookmarking widgets to make it easy for visitors to share your content on their profiles.
  3. Regularly update primary social media sites, and occasionally update secondary sites.
  4. Install open graph code to insure that the site is displayed correctly on social sites, and actually shows up in search features of these sites.

Website Suggestions for Local SEO

  1. The registration is coming up, register the site for as long of a period as possible.
  2. Do keyword research, and optimize the Title tags of the site.
  3. Include titles and Alt tags in images.
  4. Try not to use images with lots of text, search engines don’t read text in images.
  5. Update the copyright yearly.
  6. Update the newsletter monthly or more regularly.
  7. Use the social tips above.
  8. Continue to build content for pet owners.
  9. Local SEO citations – Looking at, there are 4 variations of your business that show up. I know the business moved from across the street, so there are some listings on sites like that need to be edited for consistency. (see below right)perkvalley

10. Run a few giveaway contests on Facebook. Contests do wonders for your foot traffic.
11. The Pet store already has tons of reviews, especially on Yelp and Facebook. keep doing what you are doing, but I would like to see a few more on Google.

Well there are my suggestions for the Perk Valley Pet Eatery.


If you have a brick and mortar merchant business, and would like an assessment like this for your business, please visit our contact page and give us a call.

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